SmolenPlevy’s Spring 2013 Newsletter

The SmolenPlevy Spring 2013 newsletter includes SmolenPlevy in the news,  tax implications from the American Taxpayer Relief Act, how to avoid financial fraud, the pitfalls of saying too much on Facebook, what you need to know when agreeing to arbitrate instead of entering into litigation and more.
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1.  SmolenPlevy in the Media

2.  American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012

3. Facebook Posting Leads to an “F”

4.  Financial Fraud Against the Elderly

5.  Employers Combat FMLA Abuse

6.  Arbitration Agreements Can Go Too Far

Winter 2011 Newsletter

  1. “Benefit” Corporations: Improving Society Through Your Business
  2. Northern Virginia Magazine Recognizes Five SmolenPlevy Attorneys
  3. Natural Gas Exploration Not Allowed In The Suburbs
  4. “Freeze” Your Credit to Help Prevent Identity Credit
  5. Organize Your Estate Planning Documents

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Fall 2011 Post-Divorce Update:Insights and Developments in the Law

In our Fall 2011 issue SMOLENPLEVY attorneys provide insights into issues and concerns that many face after divorce or custody litigation.

Articles include:

  1. •Life After Divorce: Keeping Up with Changing Circumstances
  2. •Post-Divorce Asset Protection
  3. •Remarriage After Divorce
  4. •More Divorced Parents Seeking Changes in Child Support Payments

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Fall 2010 Newsletter

  1. Attorney Profile: Scott Taylor
  2. Caught on Tape: Mel Gibson or Your Own (ex) 
  3. Spouse, when is it OK to Record Their Verbal Rants?
  4. SmolenPlevy: in the News
  5. Better(?) Disclosure for Mortgage Consumers
  6. No Estate Taxes for Pod Beneficiary
  7. Know About the “No-Zone”
  8. Websites and Where to Sue

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